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Why Is My House Not Selling? – How to Sell in a Housing Crash

5 Tips To Help You If You’re Wondering “Why Is My House Not Selling?”

Are you asking yourself, “why is my house not selling?” Current housing market conditions have many home sellers wondering if a housing market crash is on the horizon and, if so, how they can prepare for it. 

But whether or not a crash occurs, many sellers are already feeling the ramifications of a cooling housing market. For example, properties lingering on the market or selling for less than originally anticipated. 

In this post, our professional realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Nathan Clark Team will discuss five common roadblocks you should avoid if you want to achieve a successful home sale, despite tough market conditions.

5 Common Roadblocks That Prevent a Successful Home Sale

1. Inaccurate Price

One of the top reasons a house doesn’t sell is that it’s priced incorrectly. Pricing fairly right out of the gate is key for selling your home fast and for top dollar, especially during cold markets and a potential housing crash. 

Suppose the price is too high, especially in relation to the home’s condition. In that case, home buyers often won’t be motivated to attend a showing, much less make an offer.

A key factor in determining what price to sell your home is evaluating how it compares to other homes. For example, even if your home has a similar size and floor plan as your neighbors’ houses, it may not be worth as much if it needs repairs or has outdated appliances.

Ultimately, working with an experienced realtor is the best way to come up with the right price for your home. Realtors have the most up-to-date information on the housing market and can look at the bigger picture of your property to determine a fair value.

2. Ineffective Marketing

If you’re wondering “why is my house not selling,” another common reason is marketing. There are two aspects of a successful marketing strategy. First is the actual text you write for the home’s description. An experienced realtor won’t just advertise your home– they’ll sell prospective home buyers on the lifestyle it represents. 

To that end, it’s important that the description doesn’t just reiterate the same basic information available elsewhere on the listing.

Instead, get creative and try to paint a picture of what kind of life a home buyer might expect when they move in. You can also highlight attractions that make the surrounding area a great place to live.

The second aspect of marketing is what platforms you advertise your listing on. While this is primarily your realtor’s responsibility, you can also do some marketing work yourself. For example, share your home listing across your neighborhood’s local Facebook Group or Nextdoor page.

3. Low-Quality Photos

An easy roadblock to take care of is ensuring your listing uses high-quality photos and video. Photo quality has a huge impact on whether or not home buyers make offers on your home. Simple factors like good lighting and the right angles are essential for capturing the beauty of your home.

But it can be beneficial to go a step further and get creative with how you present your home. One way of doing this is using a drone to take aerial photos or videos of the property. In addition, you can also create a 3D or virtual tour video.

Hiring a professional photographer or videographer to take these for you is often worth the investment. Your realtor may have some recommendations.

4. Lack of Move-In Readiness

It’s no surprise that home buyers prefer a house that’s move-in ready. This is especially the case in a tough market where buyers may not have enough extra money around to invest in repairing or renovating a home.

For this reason, invest the time and money in updating your home’s appearance, fixing its curb appeal, taking care of repairs, or adding the latest appliances. It allows you to charge a higher price for the home and gives you a better chance of actually finding a buyer willing to pay that amount.

But if you can’t afford to make repairs yourself, don’t worry. You’ll almost certainly find an interested home buyer if you emphasize the property’s other characteristics. For example, by pointing out it has an ideal location because it’s near some great schools or parks. You can also compensate for the home’s condition by setting a lower asking price. 

5. Inexperienced Realtor

Lastly, the realtor you choose to work with can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home successfully. When you’re hiring realtors, there are a couple of other factors you should consider aside from their years of experience or successful track record.

This includes finding out whether they specialize in selling any particular types of homes, such as single-family or multi-family homes, townhomes, condos, or another type of home.

On top of that, you should verify that they’re experienced selling properties in your specific neighborhood, town, and county. Housing markets can vary drastically even between neighborhoods, so it’s important that your realtor is familiar with the patterns of your particular area.

Wondering “Why is My House Not Selling” in New England? – We Can Help

If you’re wondering, “why is my house not selling,” you’re not alone. But despite a tough market, there are still several steps you can take if your home isn’t selling as fast as you thought it would. Overall, the most important thing you can do is hire the right realtor.

Our real estate team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Nathan Clark Team is the best choice to sell your home fast and for top dollar in New England. We’ve been serving the area for years and have helped home sellers through cold markets before.

We truly stand out from other realtors because of our unique home seller’s guarantees. This includes our Guaranteed Home Sale Program, which guarantees the successful sale of your home, regardless of a housing market crash or any other market condition.

To learn more about our guarantees or what it’s like working with our team here in New England, give us a call at 401-288-3557 or fill out the form below.


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