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What Happens to Your House in a Divorce? Realtor Shares Insights

How to Avoid Costly Housing Mistakes During and After a Divorce

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Wondering what happens to your house in a divorce? Divorce is rarely easy. And it often means a lot of difficult decisions– one of the most important ones being what to do about the house.

So in the midst of the heavy emotional and financial turmoil, what you need most is straightforward information and answers to your questions.

One of the biggest ones you probably have is what happens to your Rhode Island house. For example, you’ll have to decide if you want to continue living in it. 

Will it bring you comfort and emotional security or unpleasant memories? Or would you prefer to sell it and move to a new place that offers a fresh start?

You’ll have to ask yourself a few questions about the potential financial repercussions:

  • What kind of house can you afford on your new budget?
  • Can you manage the old house on your new budget? 
  • Is refinancing possible? Or is it better to sell and buy? 

Once you know how a divorce affects your Rhode Island home, mortgage, and taxes, critical decisions about what to do next with your house become much easier

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