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Real Estate Agent Selection Factors

Rank each item by importance to you. WARNING: Not all of these criteria will leave you with the most money in your pocket. Some of them are, quite frankly, common Seller traps. Read on for more information.

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Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Listing Your Home With an Agent Going with the agent who promises you the highest sale price or the most amount of money (even if the price seems unrealistic) Choosing the agent who promises to save you money by discounting the commission rate Choosing the “nicest” agent Choosing an […]

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Facts and Answers to Selection Criteria

Facts and Answers to Agent Selection Criteria FACT: There is no substitute for proven, aggressive, and effective marketing on your home. Effective marketing calls out to the buyers most qualified to buy your home. The right marketing on your home will say the right things, be in the right place at the right time, and compel qualified […]

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The Everyday Open House

Tour the Best Homes Matching Your Home Buying Criteria with No Pressure to Buy… Many times, buyers are reluctant to call and ask for help from a Realtor because they fear having to chase the agent down for information on a house – or that the agent will begin to chase them! The Everyday Open […]

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Rely On This When You Sell Your Home

How Likely Is It That Your Home Will Actually Get Sold By The Agent You Choose To Sell It? Most people simply assume that, when they list their home, it will be sold; especially in good economic times and ‘hot’ markets. Well, as you can see, there’s a lottery ticket attached to this page. Why? […]

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Blind Archery Home Selling?

The biggest mistake a homeowner can make when interviewing agents There’s a lot of questionable advice out there, from “personal finance experts” on TV or from friends, family. They tell you: interview 3 or 4 or 5 agents, then pick one. When somebody says that’s what they’re going to do, the next logical question should […]

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4 Big Reasons to Pay CLOSE attention

Ask Nathan Clark to Sell Your Home 1. We Will Sell Your Home FAST!We will get your home sold fast. That’s not an empty promise or braggadocio. It is a fact. In hot markets or slow markets, in every part of town, our selling speed is legendary. For example: We had our home on the market […]

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What really happens when you list your home

The Nathan Clark Team Approach Once A Private In-Home Diagnostic Analysis has been performed, and you have a full understanding of what your home will sell for, we will give you some tips on what to do and – more importantly – what not to do to get top dollar, as well as go over […]

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Warning: lies and misconceptions

Lies & Misconceptions “You can’t argue with Nathan Clark’s success. But you don’t really get Nathan Clark. You actually get one of their assistants.” There’s more than one way this Big Lie is hazardous to YOUR wealth! It’s told because they can’t argue that if you want the most successful agent working for you, it’s […]

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What To Do Next?

You should contact Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty if… * You are very serious about selling your home now or in the near future and you are less than 6 months from listing it. * You want a professional, objective, honest assessment of your home and its potential selling price. * You are open-minded to unique and exclusive (but proven and […]

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Recent Survey Impacts Your Home

WARNING & SHOCKING FACT: Virtually All Home Sellers Say They Would NOT Go Back To The Same Real Estate Agent To Do Another Transaction! Why is this? Reasons people would never go back to their real estate agent Poor communication Over-promised, under–delivered results Promised a selling price far from reality Promised speed of sale far […]

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Who Hires Us?

Who Hires Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty? CEO’s, EXECUTIVES, BUSINESS OWNERS Why? Because their businesses are “Teams”, so they understand and appreciate Nathan Clark’s Team System. Those people are accustomed to bringing people who play different, specialized roles together as a team, and know that to be the most productive approach to complex situations – rather […]

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Who Will Write The Ad That Sells Your House?

Words Matter. Nathan Clark has written thousands of real estate ads. Only a fraction of a small percentage of agents worldwide have special licensing access rights to use a leading-edge software program to create ads and other materials to present properties in the best light possible that attract more buyers. Nathan Clark personally writes or […]

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City Wide Buyers Agent Network

About the Exclusive Nathan Clark City Wide Buyers’ Agents Network Top producing agents – in particular those who are predominately buyers agents and represent buyers – pay close attention to Nathan Clark. They prefer selling a home listed and represented by Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty because they know every ‘i’ has been dotted, every […]

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Kids and Moving

Parents: Preparing Young Children for the Move Get FREE Instant Access by completing the form on this page. Over the years, many studies have been done to define and rank which typical life experiences cause the greatest amount of stress for the average adult. For anyone who has had to make a move, it probably […]

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