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Proven Marketing System For Selling Homes To The Most Qualified Buyers

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-The Nathan Clark Team offers a proven marketing system for home sellers in Rhode Island. Read why Nathan is the best real estate agent to sell your home for top dollar while putting more money in your pocket.

Your Real Estate Marketing Could Make Or Break The Sale Of Your Home.

If you are selling your home it is important your real estate agent is customizing their marketing to the most qualified buyers. In fact, the marketing strategy used is the key to selling your home to buyers who want it and can afford it. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-The Nathan Clark Team has a proven real estate marketing system that will get your home sold fast and for top dollar

Other real estate agents make the mistake of using a one size fits all marketing approach to try to sell your home. Although these strategies have and can work, more often than not they can leave your house on the market for too long or fail to get the price you want. They fail because they are missing one key ingredient. Some examples of this kind of approach are:

  • posting on social media channels with no strategy
  • posing on craigslist and other popular home search websites
  • sending out snail mail
  • emailing their general email list without telling you who and how many people are in it
  • posting for sale signs in front of the house
  • making flyers

If that is all you are left with you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

The Secret Sauce And Why You Need A Taste Of It

So what is the main ingredient those other agents are missing? Our secret sauce is our extensive and accurate data. Nathan has the buyers. He has a database that contains more than 34,000 buyers who have provided their information with a detailed description of what kind of home they are looking for. 

Based on a new report, 98.8% of these buyers plan to live in the home long term, calling it their own, as opposed to investors. These buyers are considered true homeowners who are more likely to provide the highest offer.

Our Proven Marketing System is what enables Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-The Nathan Clark Team to sell homes fast for top dollar. In addition to our extensive buyer’s database we have: 

Your home will sell Guaranteed. We sell 97.78% of our homes the first time they’re listed (compared to half of the homes sell the first time with most agents) 

  • You will receive 7.43% more money on the sales price than the average agent 
  • Your home will sell 30% faster than the average agent 
  • Our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market selling over 4,000 homes is far more ample than the average agent who sells 2-4 per year.

What this means for you is you are more likely to receive a higher offer on your home and possibly multiple offers in a short time frame.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch our endorsement by one of the top Real Estate Sharks in the industry.

Contact Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-The Nathan Clark Team today to see how their proven marketing system can sell your home fast and for top dollar by putting more money in your pocket!

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