How to Make A Six Figure Income

Working a Normal Work Week or Less

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What You Will Learn..

The Problem in Real Estate and Why the Agent is Not Positioned to Win

Ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in your real estate career? Every year do you work harder and make the same money (or less) and have nothing to show for it? It happened to me and I’ll explain why and how to avoid it like the plague. 

Old School Mentality vs Our System

I’m amazed at the “techniques” brokers are still teaching their agents to do (and make them pay for) that didn’t work 30 years ago and still don’t work today. I’ll show your our proven system of attracting business that has made my team Millions in Commissions. 

How to Make and Keep More Money and Work Reasonable Hours

Agents Love to brag about how much money they make but in reality, the only thing that matters is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU KEEP.  Let me show you how to work a 40-50 hour workweek in Real Estate and KEEP over $100,000+.  

Ready to learn how to take home $100,000+ selling real estate in 12 months GUARANTEED or I’ll pay you the difference?

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