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Buying A House For Sale In Rhode Island

Are you interested in buying a house in Rhode Island but aren’t sure where to start? Finding the perfect home that fits your needs and budget can feel overwhelming. There are many houses for sale in the southern New England area. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-The Nathan Clark Team knows when your put your trust in us it is not something we take lightly. We believe in serving big and giving back. That is why our team of Real Estate Experts want to relieve your stress by reducing or eliminating it altogether. Our team does this by giving you simple-to-understand information, reducing the complexity of the real estate process. For years we have excelled at serving homebuyers just like you with enthusiasm and ease.

Finding The Best Real Estate When Buying A House In Rhode Island

The first step to buying a house in Rhode Island is choosing the best real estate agent. The Nathan Clark team is an award-winning real estate agency. We believe in listening more than talking. Because we genuinely care about you as a human being, not just another client. It is essential when you are buying a house for sale in Rhode Island; you pick the best real estate agent.

One that can provide a wealth of information free of charge! While you are here on our website, you should find everything you need. If you have a question you can’t find an answer to, reach out and ask a Real Estate Expert. All you have to do is fill out the form on that page. It will be forwarded to an appropriate expert for a quick response, with no obligation and, again, free of charge.

Trusting Your Real Estate Agent When Buying A House In Rhode Island

Our trusted agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-The Nathan Clark Team guide you through the entire home buying process. We have access to thousands of homes for sale in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We have created a hassle-free program to make the home buying process easy for you to navigate. 

The Nathan Clark Team has extensive experience and insider off-market access to homes. Making us your trusted real estate agent in Rhode Island to help you buy your dream home. We have been working with homebuyers just like you for years. Your needs and satisfaction are always our number one priority. 

If you want to learn more about how Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Nathan Clark Team can help you find and buy the perfect home for you, give us a call at 401-288-3557 or contact us here.

We Make Buying A House In Rhode Island Easy

Buying a house in Rhode Island is never difficult when working with our team. Searching for a house for sale in Rhode Island is easy when using our website search feature. This is an easy way to find what you are looking for. Enter the city, address, zip code, or MLS ID of your choice, to find homes for sale near you. You can also search for:

  • price
  • number of bedrooms
  • how many bathrooms
  • type of property
  • dates listed
  • square footage
  • the amount of acreage

Are you looking for specific features like a pool, fenced-in yard, a garage, or a fireplace? Our search filters will find you homes that include all the options you want or need.

Research The Area Before Buying A House In Rhode Island

We know that area proximity to your home is essential to you. Therefore it is important to research the area before you buy a house. If you see a house listed for sale that you are interested in, click on the property for additional information.

Nearby schools, places to shop & drink, grocery stores, malls, parks, and entertainment will all be located in the listing description. These are crucial factors that play a role in deciding which house to buy. What is important to you is important to us. We provide you with accurate comprehensive information to make a well-informed decision. Each listing has a map of the area. You will have the research of the area you need for each home listed for sale. Use our free mortgage calculator to see what your budget can afford.

You can also request a relocation guide to give you more information about the area before buying a home. You can mark it as a favorite on our website. Add it to your list of possibilities that match your search criteria. This will undoubtedly save you precious time. Zero driving to view endless properties that could waste your time.

Helping People Who Rent Transition Into Buying A House In Rhode Island

We help people go from renting to buying a house in Rhode Island. We believe in meeting people where they are. If you are currently renting a home, do you feel stuck within the walls of your house or apartment? If it doesn’t feel like yours, that is because it isn’t. While struggling to pay a higher rent than you should, you are putting your hard-earned dollars into someone else’s pockets. You don’t need to feel trapped anymore! A report How To Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home is helping renters buy their own house.

We know how frustrating it is to ask your landlord for permission to put a few nails in the wall. Most renters feel like a stranger in their own house. Feeling stuck in the renter’s rut. With no clear way of rising out of it and owning your very own home.

Buying A House With A Low Down Or Zero Down Payment

It doesn’t matter your financial situation or how long you’ve been renting in Rhode Island. In the report above, it will become apparent to you how you can save for the down payment. Stop wasting thousands of dollars on rent. Why pay your landlord’s mortgage when you can be buying your own house in Rhode Island.

Are you a first-time homebuyer and need a way to break into the housing market? You may be surprised to know you don’t have to have $10,000, $20,000, or even more for a down payment. Check out our Hotlist Of Zero Down Properties. Want a way to enter the housing market with a low or no down payment?

This new program may be just what you’re looking for. Industry insiders have prepared a report entitled How to Buy a Home With Little Or No Money Down. This report reveals how this new and innovative program can help buying a house in Rhode Island easier. Fill out the form and immediately receive the 6 Little Known Facts That Can Help You Buy Your First Home.

Priority Access; How To Avoid Missing Out On Buying Your House In Rhode Island

Priority access to off-market homes means you’re there before other buyers. You can negotiate the lowest possible price and avoid bidding wars. Our clients love our Priority Access List! It’s like having a golden nugget in our back pocket just for you. We are proactive by finding homes that no other buyers have access to! Did you know that nearly fifty percent of the homes that sold last year were purchased outside of the MLS? Most buyers are missing out on half of the available homes because they were only searching online.

Don’t waste time looking at outdated information searching on the internet for listings everyone else has access to. With our team, you can access hot off-market homes not found on Zillow®, Trulia®, Redfin® & MLS! Request priority access to our “Off-Market Homes” service now! You will receive priority access to all the new listings that match your home buying criteria. Speaking of Zillow®, be very careful about trusting Zillow’s Zestimate. They can be wildly inaccurate and unreliable. 

How Priority Off-Market Access Works When Buying A House In Rhode Island

Our priority off-market access works by matching you with the homes that you will not find online. The answers you input into the form, creates a specific and unique buyer profile in our system just for you. This information helps us know exactly what properties to research when buying a house in Rhode Island. We will scour unlisted houses, company-owned homes, bank foreclosures, public records, and more. Never fear that someone will buy the perfect property before you even have a chance to see it. 

The priority list of houses we send you will have photos of each property. They will be within your desired price range and location. This free insider information will be sent to your email in a simple and efficient format. Our priority access report will give you a massive advantage over other buyers in the marketplace. It is important to remember that there is no cost for this information and no obligation.

Fast-Access To Home Buyers Resources And Insider Reports

Our buyers’ resources were created to educate you when buying a house in Rhode Island. Check out Our Buyer’s Resources page for more information. We publish articles of interest to homebuyers. They include money-saving tips, household safety checklists, home improvement ideas, home inspection advice, and real estate insider secrets. Our information is valuable to you. Feel free to pass these articles on to your family and friends. 

One resource example is the best financing rates. We also protect you from making huge homebuyer mistakes. Our industry reports are personally-selected and performed by our team of local area experts. We offer valuable information for homebuyers so we can educate you on the most significant choices you will ever make.

Some Examples Of Insider Reports Are:

They teach you about the housing market and what it means for you. After all, you are not just another number to us. We would never send you a monthly email with just a list of numbers. We go the extra mile because you deserve nothing less. When we provide you with helpful information that educates you, we feel great about doing our job right!

Speaking of feeling great, we offer outstanding guarantees you never knew existed until now.

Guarantees When Buying A House In Rhode Island

Our team is confident in our performance when buying houses that we can offer up front in writing guarantees. These guarantees will give you peace of mind when making a home buying purchase in Rhode Island.

What Is A Buyer Cancellation Guarantee In Rhode Island

A Buyer Cancellation Guarantee means you have the right to cancel your Buyer Agreement before making an offer to buy a house in Rhode Island. This comes with no penalties or obligations if you feel our service doesn’t live up to our promise.

An old phrase says there are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes. Well, we have a few jaw-dropping home buyer guarantees that you will want to know about. 

You can count on us to make you feel secure in your buying decision. We do this by offering you a way to purchase your next home that is totally risk-free. We’ve assisted thousands of families in finding a house and we will do the same for you. Often when you enter into any type of agreement, it can be risky.

Real Estate Agents Who Don’t Offer A Buyer Cancellation Agreement When Buying A House In Rhode Island

Often when you enter into any type of agreement, it can be risky. The same holds true when working with other real estate agents. Those high-pressure sales agents will promise you the moon and the stars when it comes to effectively helping you find and buy your new house.

But how many of them can say:

  • we can back that up with solid performance 
  • we provide a 100% risk-free buyers program
  • that they guarantee you the right to cancel your buyer’s agreement 

Did you know that according to a recent survey, 72% of home buyers were dissatisfied with the performance of their agent, even when that agent had helped them buy a home?

The risks that come with signing a Buyer’s Agreement can be high! Most of them will lock you into a long-term commitment with lengthy broker protection periods that come with high cancellation fees. In other words, it’s an agreement your agent can get out of, but you can’t. These real estate agents do not offer a buyer cancelation agreement.

Real Estate Agents In Rhode Island Who Do Offer A Buyer Cancellation Agreement

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Nathan Clark Team is the only real estate agent in Rhode Island that offers a buyer cancellation agreement. We pledge to provide you with the highest level of service in the real estate industry. Our commitment to this pledge is 100%. We are so confident and committed to that pledge that we will give you the right to evaluate whether we live up to this standard. Suppose we fail to deliver the promises we made to you. In that case, you have the right to cancel your Buyer Agreement with us at any point before making an offer, with no penalties or obligations. To learn more about our home buying process and how our buyer cancellation guarantee can protect you, give us a call at 401-288-3557.

What Is An Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee

Another guarantee we make to our buyers is our Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan. A buyer protection plan means If you purchase a listing from us and are not satisfied within 24 months, we will sell it for free. It means we protect you with a safety net you will not find anywhere else.  

We understand that buying a house in Rhode Island is a huge decision, one you literally have to live with! When you buy a home through us, we strive to find you the perfect home, one we know you’ll be happy with for years to come because we listened to your needs before you bought your home. We also have many unique systems, especially for our buyers, which allow us to quickly zero in on precisely what you’re looking for quickly.

How An Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee Works

The exclusive buyer protection plan works when you don’t love your home after you’ve moved in. We will honor our commitment to you regardless of what happened or why you might find yourself regretting the investment. Other realtors are gone after the paperwork is signed and the closing is over. They have done their job and are moving on to the next client. Read What Questions You Should Be Asking Your Real Estate Agent.

What sets us apart from other agents is that when you choose to work with our team, we go the extra mile, one that lasts for 24 months! With our Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan, you can feel secure in your purchase.

Without any fallback plan, it can be incredibly intimidating and stressful. No one can foresee all of life’s challenges. That is why we are here to help you find the house of your dreams again if need be. We never want you to feel stuck in a place you don’t want. If you’re not happy with your home purchase within 24 months, we’ll sell it for free! * Buyer must be a VIP buyer client to receive a protection plan. 

What Is An Exclusive Covid-19 Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee When Buying A House In Rhode Island

We want you and your loved ones to stay healthy. Our Exclusive Covid-19 Buyer Protection Plan guarantee was created to protect you from Covid-19. People are unfortunately still dealing with the ramifications of the global pandemic. You or someone you know may be dealing with getting sick, hospitalized, or losing a job and cannot stay in their newly purchased home. With the uncertainty of where the pandemic will take us in the future, Nathan Clark knows that being safe is the best way to go.

Although we hope this never happens to anybody, regardless of whether they bought a home from us, the unknowns that lie ahead tell us our company needs to be proactive in going above and beyond during this time. We guarantee that when you buy a home through Your Home Sold Guaranteed-The Nathan Clark Team, and if you find yourself infected by COVID-19 within two years and need to leave or want to sell it, we will either repurchase the house from you or sell it with no commission charges.

*Conditions are upfront and simple: Buyer must be an Exclusive VIP buyer client of Nathan Clark to receive Covid-19 buyer protection plan. 

What Is A Buy Your Home Back Guarantee In Rhode Island

Our Buy Your Home Back Guarantee means that If you’re not happy with one of our listings during the first 24 months, we’ll buy it back. While many agents will promise to help you find the best home at the best price with no hassles, the reality is this simply doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a buyer realizes after buying a home that they are not satisfied with the purchase. 

Imagine you’ve moved in and are finally settled, only to discover that it isn’t what you had hoped it would be. It’s impossible to predict everything about a house before you start living in it. Regardless of why you are not happy naturally, you’ll feel stuck. 

What would you do? It’s not like you can return it to the store like a pair of pants. Or can you? 

You can with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-The Nathan Clark Team.

How A Buy Your Home Back Guarantee Works

Our Buy Your Home Back Guarantee works as a solution to solve this dilemma. That means that If you’re not happy with one of our listings during the first 24 months, we’ll buy it back. We will give you the guarantee upfront and in writing that will state that you as a buyer will love your new home, and if for some reason you don’t, I Will Buy it Back – Guaranteed!*

We recognize the amount of labor, time, effort, and money that goes into moving into a new property. Many new homeowners do not realize there is a backup plan out there for them until they find us. Your happiness is our top priority, and if you aren’t happy with the house you purchased through us, then we will be glad to make it our problem and not yours.

What Is A Your Home Sold Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee

A Your Home Sold Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee is for people trying to buy a house and sell theirs at the same time. If you are a current homeowner buying a new home, it can be challenging to deal with two homes. It is the most significant dilemma people in your situation face. It is always a risky situation. If you already own a home and you have to decide if you should buy or sell first, then your risk goes up. Read our free report How Can I Buy And Sell At The Same Time?

We want to eliminate that risk because, honestly, you could wind up owning two homes or none at all.

So many local sellers are understandably nervous about getting stuck with two houses, but now they don’t have to worry. Our goal is to remove that worry and give you peace of mind. Your home will sell. If not to another buyer, then it will go to Nathan!

We can be confident in our promise to you because:

  • 97.78% of our homes sell the first time they’re listed
  • we have more than 30,000 registered buyers in our database looking for a home 
  • they could be looking for your home
  • you could have a buyer before you even list your home
  • an average of 50+ homes every month
  • our homes 50% faster than the average agent
  • we sell houses for 2.4% more in sales price on average 

How A Your Home Sold Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee Works

Our Buy It Back Guarantee works to ensure you do not wind up owning two homes simultaneously. We prepare a free no-obligation total market analysis of your home. You will receive a well-organized printout including all comparable homes sales, current listings in your area, and what the house down the street sold for. This information helps us work together to determine a market value for your home. Once that price is established, it’s your guaranteed price and list price. You will receive it upfront in writing before we begin to market your home. 

When the house hits the market, you are guaranteed the home will sell for our agreed price and timeframe. It’s a risk-free insurance policy. When you receive this guaranteed price from one of our agents, you will have the security of knowing that the Your Home Sold Guarantee has your back.

We are excited about that fantastic guarantee. But we added even more protection. Why be excellent when you can be exceptional? We will actually pay you money on top of the sale of your home.

Extra Protection You Will Receive From Our Buy It Back Guarantee

How does extra protection help you receive more than your listing price using our Buy It Back Guarantee? 

It works because no matter what happens, you win. Here are the two ways you win:

  • In the unlikely event, your home does not sell within the agreed-upon timeframe, then I will buy back your home myself for the guaranteed sale price we agreed on together.
  • But you’re definitely protected because if you receive an offer on your home higher than the guaranteed sale price, you get the higher offer, not me.

Read about how Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty -The Nathan Clark Team takes on ALL the risks. We will eliminate the usual stress and worry that most home sellers have. You will never have to worry about conditional offers, emotional roller coasters, and the chance of getting stuck owning two homes. We can do the heavy lifting with the My Guaranteed Home Sale Program. All you need to do is take a breath and relax because you know your home will sell. You know you will always benefit from the highest offer (whether it’s our guaranteed sale price or a higher offer from an outside buyer). *Nathan and the seller must agree on the price and possession date.

Reach Out To Us When Your Ready To Begin Buying A House In Rhode Island

Our Team has years of experience. There is nothing we have not witnessed before. Who knows, we may have sold the house you are living in. Our proven track record of results speaks for itself. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what people are saying about our team here. Give us a call at 401-288-3557 or send us an email at [javascript protected email address] and start packing! We look forward to helping you with your move.

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