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3 Tips For Moving With Pets

3 tips for moving with pets by the Nathan Clark team

We love our pets. They are part of our family. Let’s avoid stressing them out by reading our tips for moving with our pets.

Did you know our furry family members will experience the same kind of stress as their owners do when moving? 

So how do we reduce the amount of stress to make a move easier on your pets?

We have gathered helpful moving tips from industry experts that any pet owner can easily follow. 

Read our free guide called Pet Owners – Tips to Making Your Move Easier on Your Pets to avoid a miserable experience.

Let’s learn about the top 3 tips for moving with pets.

1. Try to Keep Your Pet’s Daily Routine The Same When Packing for Your Move

Try to keep your pet’s daily routine the same or close to normal. Adhering to their usual feeding, exercise, and bedtime schedule is essential.

They don’t adapt well to change. When they see boxes being packed and their frantic owners moving things around, your pet will sense something is happening.

You may notice their behavior has changed, so do not be alarmed if this happens. 

Tips For moving with pets

 2. Let Your Pet Be A Part of The Moving Process

Letting your pet be part of the moving process may sound strange. You might be asking yourself how a dog or cat can help with moving?

It’s not like they can pack, help clean, or do any tasks pet owners need to do before and after moving. 

Here are a few ways to let your dog or cat be a part of the moving process.

  • allow them to play with empty boxes
  • take frequent breaks between to focus on them
  • give them extra love and treats
  • reward good behavior

Although dogs may be able to fetch items, allowing them to feel like it is a game, cats tend to hide when they are scared or stressed. 

However, let’s be honest, what cat doesn’t like a big box to explore and play with?

3. Move Your Pet’s Items Last

It is essential to keep everything your pet uses in their home during this significant change.

Leave moving your pet’s items last. 

Keep the following items out for your pets:

  • feeding bowls
  •  beds
  •  toys
  •  crates

This includes anything else they use daily that brings them comfort. 

Waiting until the very last minute to start packing and moving these items will help them feel more safe and comfortable without causing them any additional stress.

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We want to help you avoid more stressful situations and potential accidents with your pets. Our expert real estate agents are the best people to handle these situations to help you ensure a smooth transition while moving.

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